The administrative efficiency of the heads of sports clubs in the governorates of the Middle Euphrates From the point of view of its members


  • Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Sada Hassan
  • M .Sahar Yassin Abbas



administrative efficiency, sports clubs


Sports being one of the most important human activities that attracted attention from many governments, institutions and organizations due to the mutual influence between sports on the one hand and the various social forces on the other. Sports clubs are one of the forms of the organizational structure responsible for managing sports work in all Iraqi governorates. The sports club is an administrative and social institution that includes many human segments such as the administrative body and its members.

And what joins under this title of coaches, players and referees, in addition to a number of human and material resources such as sports facilities and others that contribute to the running of the clubs’ work, and stands at the top of the administrative ladder of each sports club. Through organized and planned work in advance, in addition to taking decisions that ensure the success of the established plans, coordination, follow-up and evaluation. Therefore, the club’s president possesses high levels of administrative efficiency that affects in one way or another the level of the club’s performance to advance the level of effectiveness it sponsors and raise it in order to play its role decreed by the clubs in the process of promoting sports at the national level, and from all of the above we note that the process of evaluating The administrative efficiency of the heads of sports clubs in the governorates of the middle Euphrates has a great role in diagnosing strengths or weaknesses in the clubs’ performance

And its work, which contributes to the development of sports work in it and thus reflects positively on our national sport as a whole.