A comparative analytical study of the stationary cases and basic skills of the players of Nineveh Sports Club in five football seasons for the three sports seasons (2006 - 2007 – 2008)


  • Mahmoud Hashem Mohammed Al-Hayali
  • Adham Saleh Mahmoud Al-Bijwani




: Analytical study, basic skills, football


The game of pentathlon has become very popular and has gained great fame in the Western and Arab societies, and has received the attention of all bodies working in the sports field from the International Federation, its subsidiary federations, the media, as well as sports institutions and their employees, especially sports clubs because they are in the main test within official and friendly international tournaments, whether they are International or Arab, and here came the urgent need for diligence in the fields of scientific research, because it is the basis on which the process of investing the capabilities of players to the maximum extent possible. During his interaction with his colleagues, coaches, administrative staff, and his environment, many researchers in the field of physical education turned to her and studied and analyzed this game.

And since the method of analysis is one of the scientific means necessary for the continuation of scientific progress, it was necessary to take advantage of it to advance and progress in all fields and games, including the game of football pentathlon, as it is the objective tool by which the education and training processes can be evaluated as well as the evaluation of the efficiency of the training staff and players and to determine the pros and cons that accompany the team During the performance in terms of skill and physical, as well as the fixed cases that are considered a successful weapon to win the match if the players take advantage of their implementation successfully, and that the analysis process will work greatly in detecting the errors that accompanied the performance of the players and thus developing programs to address these errors and advance the level of players for the better.