A comparative study of the values of some bio kinetic variables between two different types of fast smashing and their relationship to the accuracy of volleyball performance


  • Lect. Nasrallah Radi Meshjal Iraq. Dhi Qar University. College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atshan Abdul Reda


comparative study, bio kinetic variables, crushing beating, volleyball


The importance of the study was evident in obtaining accurate scientific information, through biomechanical analysis of the two patterns of rapid crushing beating in front and behind the stomach, to know the aspects of strength and weakness in the performance of these two patterns, when measuring the levels of force exerted, which are commensurate with the nature of each pattern, to improve the technical performance of this skill in its various patterns to the highest levels. In addition to that, a statement of biokinetic characteristics, for each pattern to advance the requirements of skillful performance in a manner consistent with the required motor duty. As for the research problem, through the researchers' follow-up to many Iraqi Premier League matches in volleyball, and his attendance to some training units for these clubs, note that there is a weakness in the performance of the rapid crushing patterns; It results from the lack of clarity of the bio kinetic information that governs its nature; This led to a decrease in the level of its performance in scoring points. The research aimed to identify the differences in the values of some bio kinetic variables between the two types of crushing multiplication, and the researchers used the descriptive approach and the tools and devices that helped in the completion of the research.