The effect of the competitive mini-games program on some physical and skill abilities of the buds of the specialized soccer school in Thi-Qar (8-10 years)


  • Lect. Dr. Muhammad Shubarm Alwan Al-Sultan
  • Lect. Dr. Haider Matar Jassim Al-Tamimi


competitive games program, physical and skill abilities, football


The research aims to identify the effect of a training program using competitive mini-games in raising the level of some physical abilities and some basic skills for the buds of the Specialized Football School at the age of

(8-10 years), and the experimental approach was used for its suitability to the objectives and hypotheses of the research, using the experimental design of two groups, one experimental and the other a control, and the strength of each group reached 20 buds, and the researchers relied on the tools and means that work to achieve the goal of the research, including surveys, observations and tests, and the application of the proposed mini-competitive games program on the buds of the experimental group for a period of three months and at the rate of three training units per week, and the most important results were that the proposed competitive games program in this study led to the superiority of the experimental group over the control group in some study variables. The proposed competitive mini-games program in this study also led to an increase in all rates of improvement in motor abilities and basic skills of the experimental group in a way that exceeds the improvement rates of the control group that used the traditional follow-up program.