The effect of introductory games with aids in developing some motor abilities and learning the scoring skill football


  • Ahmed Hussein Abdel
  • Prof. Dr. Rashad Tariq Youssef


preliminary games, aids, motor abilities, football


Preparatory games are one of the methods of teaching various sports games and events, and through them the player can develop his motor abilities, which leads to his acquisition of motor skills in a more accurate, faster, more motivational and exciting manner for practice, as it is characterized by stimulating the spirit of competition, motivation and enthusiasm among learners, which provides the opportunity to acquire technical skills for the game or effectiveness and in a way that is liked by novice learners as it is suitable for different stages and age groups. It is closely related to the big games, as it is in its small form, but it resembles the performance during the matches, and the importance of the research lies in an attempt by the researchers to highlight the preliminary games that will be presented in a way that approaches the actual playing situations in a competitive manner, as well as introducing teaching aids to help these games in order to develop motor abilities and learn the skill of scoring football in a way that is liked by the learners and in a way that aims to create a spirit of excitement and competition for them, so that it may contribute more positively and effectively than the methods used. The researchers found that the performance of the players of the age groups is characterized by fluctuation due to the instability of their skill performance and the lack of development of motor abilities, which is reflected negatively on the technical performance of the basic skills.

Therefore, the researchers decided to study this real problem and try to find real solutions to it in an attempt to use introductory games with auxiliary means, which it believes will help to develop motor abilities as well as the speed of learning and mastering the skill of scoring in football and in a way that is liked by the players.