The effect of special assistive exercises in learning the motor coordination of free swimming movements


  • م.د. امير عبد الرضا مزهر Iraq. Muthanna University. College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences


auxiliary exercises, motor compatibility, free swimming


The study aimed to find special exercises that help to learn motor coordination in free swimming movements, and to find out the effect of using them in learning the movements of the free swimming skill, and whether there are significant differences between the members of the experimental group that used the control group that did not use the exercises, and the researcher adopted the experimental method in a comparative way to achieve the two research hypotheses that included that there is an effect of using the proposed auxiliary exercises in learning and gaining motor coordination in performing the movements of the skill of free swimming, and that there are statistically significant differences between the results of the experimental and control research groups in the test used in the research, and compatibility has been evaluated Kinesthetic performance of the members of the research sample during the test by a committee of teachers of the subject, and the sample was represented by two groups of students of the second stage in the College of Physical Education / University of Al-Muthanna who were not educated to swim and who were not failing, as each group included (15) students, i. The use of the proposed exercises to help have a "positive" effect on learning and acquiring the motor compatibility of performing the movements of the free swimming skill.