The effect of tactical skills training using the stations method on the performance level of advanced basketball players


  • Faisal Ghazi Nouri
  • Prof. Dr. Amal Saber Ali العراق. جامعة السليمانية. كلية التربية البدنية وعلوم الرياضة



The goal of the research is to identify “the effect of tactical skills training on (determinants) of the level of performance among advanced basketball players and to identify the differences between pre- and post-tests of (determinants) of the level of performance among advanced basketball players.”

The research hypothesized: “There are statistically significant differences between the pre- and post-tests of the research group in (determinants of) the level of performance of the advanced basketball players under investigation.” The nature of the study necessitated the researchers to use a single-group experimental approach, and the research community included players from Iraqi Basketball Premier League clubs, the applicant category for the 2021-2022 season, who numbered 12 clubs. The research sample included players from the North Oil Sports Club in Kirkuk Governorate, and the researchers adopted many means of collecting data, including physical tests and a set of devices and tools. A reconnaissance experiment was conducted on the players of the North Gas Club to identify the problems and negatives that the researchers might face during the main experiment (pre- and post-test). ) And develop the training program in a way that trains stations. The data was processed using the statistical package (SPSS