The effect of proposed Toro exercises to develop short passing and put-down skills for football players aged (15-17) years


  • Lec. Dr. Aban Abdul Karim Mezher



Toro Drills, Short passing, Putdown, football


The goal of the research is to identify the effect of the proposed Toro exercises in developing some short handling and suppression in football. The researcher used the experimental method by designing two equal groups for the research sample of (24) players from the two Babel Club teams for the season (2022-2023) with ages (15-17) years. From the original research population of (30) players, a sample was divided equally into two groups, one experimental and the other control. The researcher used appropriate auxiliary tools and devices to conduct tests on the research variables, in addition to implementing the proposed exercises. A mini exploratory experiment was conducted on a sample of second-stage students, numbering (6) players, and after conducting pre-tests and implementing vocabulary exercises related to the rate of play for a period of (4) weeks and in reality (3) educational units, a total number of (12) units, after which post-tests were conducted for motor coordination and soccer scoring accuracy. After extracting the data, processing it statistically, and then presenting it, analyzing it, and discussing it based on the relevant scientific sources, the researcher reached several conclusions, the most important of which was the effectiveness of the proposed toro exercises in developing short handling and suppression for players. In light of these conclusions, the researcher recommended the necessity of emphasizing the use of educational exercises. Proposed football educational units for this category.