The effect of special speed training on the development of the explosive strength of working muscles and performance of Javelin Throw Junior Players

تأثير تدريبات السرعة الخاصة في تطور القوة الانفجارية للعضلات العاملة والاداء لدى لاعبي رمي الرمح للناشئين


  • Assistant Lect. Muntadhir Muhammad Ali Iraq. University of Kufa. College of Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Assistant Lect. Muthanna Abdul Ilah Dahesh Iraq. University of Kufa. College of Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Assistant Lect. Samer Mahdi Mohamed Saleh Iraq. University of Kufa. College of Physical Education and Sports Science



special speed training, explosive strength, javelin throw


Identifying  the most effective training methods in developing sport achievements is the primary concern of those involved in developing these achievements and athletics is one of the most games that require the use of many training methods  to develop various physical characteristics related to sports achievement and one of these games is Javelin Throw, especially when training juniors ,since this activity  has complex dynamic method that requires  early training   because of the necessity of strengthening the technical side of this skill among juniors  and controlling its technical stages in performance. One of the things that contributes to facilitating motor work is special speed training in general and explosive strength training in particular to contain the performance stages of this activity on explosive movements and distinct strength multiple movements play a decisive role in integrating the motor performance and then the achievement of this activity .The research problem  lies in the use of special speed exercises to develop the explosive strength among javelin throw juniors to show how effective it is in developing the explosive strength  of the working muscles at the moment of throwing. The researcher aimed to  identify the level of the explosive strength  of the working muscles among javelin throw junior players, and identify  the impact of special speed training in developing the digital and technical level of  javelin throw and the explosive strength. The research was applied to a group of Najaf sports clubs participating in the Iraqi Athletics Federation’s competitions of  javelin throw juniors  for the sports season 2019 during the period of 10 / 12/2018 until 21/2/2019 .The research was carried out in the Najaf sports club and  weightlifting hall  in the club itself, and the use of a battery of tests to measure the explosive strength (which is the long jump of stability and triple jump of stability and vertical jump and throw a medical ball weighing 2.5 kg and achievement test as a digital level. The researchers used an eight-week training curriculum at three training units per week to develop explosive strength.