Predicting the level of achievement in terms of ankle joint flexibility among young high jumpers for the southern region


  • Muzaffar Oraibi Baiji Iraq. Dhi Qar University. Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • Prof.Dr. Emad Kazem Yasser


achievement level prediction, ankle joint flexibility, high jump


 The high jump is one of the activities that need to master most of the training stages and a special technique for the players who practice it, as these exercises must be in accordance with the technical performance of the movements related to skill, and since the ankle joint is the basic base of the human body and has a great role in the sports field in general and effectively especially high jump; As this vital joint has a direct impact on the progress of the jumper's movement, mastering the skill and fulfilling its necessary requirements as a result of the movement of this joint. As the research problem centered in that all movements, whether horizontal or vertical movement, are closely related to the flexibility of the ankle joint, and the limitations of these variables have a direct impact on achieving achievement in the effectiveness of the high jump. The plantar, dorsal, and external and internal flexibility of the research sample members. The researchers reached the following conclusions, that the plantar kinematic range of the foot joint gives great importance in engaging the largest possible number of working muscles to allow them to work the joint more strongly, and that the flexibility of the foot joint inward is of direct importance in determining the appropriate motor path for the high jump, especially in the last steps that require It has the correct inclination for the jump process within the required distance.