Trainings according to the data of smart monitoring devices and their impact on some special physical abilities of young football players


  • Dr. Hussein Abdel-Zahra Abdel-Yama Karbala University - College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • M. Hamid Majid Hamid Al Zarkani
  • Dr. Hassan Ali Hussein


The smart methodology is one of the latest training methodologies as it reflects the comprehensive philosophy of the ball and is used in most developed countries, and modern technical devices are one of the most important means that help develop the technical skills of players, especially if they are worked on by specialized trainers who have advanced field and scientific experience, Due to the great convergence in the physical and skill capabilities and the level of tactical application of the coaches’ directives at the individual level by the players or at the collective level through the harmony of one team, the achievement of victory has become dependent on other factors, including relying on technological techniques and advanced devices. Therefore, the researcher used these techniques in youth football training and saw the importance of analyzing their data to legalize football training and obtain the required development in physical abilities to contribute to the upgrading and development of our youth football teams.