The effectiveness of water exercises according to the absolute morning biorhythm pattern in learning artistic performance In free swimming for female students


  • Jenar Taha Hassa
  • Dr. Jalal Khader Ahmed



The research aims to:

 1- Recognizing the effectiveness of water exercises according to the morning absolute biorhythm pattern in learning technical performance in swimming.

2-Identifying the differences in the post-test between the two research groups in learning the technical performance of free swimming for female students.

The researchers used the experimental method for its suitability to the nature and problem of the research.

The research community is chosen by the intentional method from the students of the first stage in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Halabja for the academic season (2020-202), which are (28) students. The number of (16) female students were distributed into two groups (8) female students for the control group without being bound by their patterns, and (8) female students as an experimental group according to the scale of the biorhythm pattern (morning pattern) and the sample percentage was (57.142%) from the original community after it will be done Exclusion of a number of female students for lack of homogeneity.