The role of distance education in achieving educational goals and educational goals for a lesson physical education for students


  • Asst. Lect. Asaad Hamid Abd Ali



the role of distance education, educational goals


Undoubtedly, in the field of education, the presence of e-learning, especially distance education, played a major role in the continuation of education and communication between the teacher and his students to complete the syllabus prepared by the Ministry of Education, as well as to increase the students’ academic information and their scientific knowledge and in all methodological lessons, including the physical education lesson. Communication between students and their teachers without interruption through electronic platforms (On Line) to display sports skills with technical performance directly during the live broadcast by the teacher or through ready-made or pre-prepared videos by the teacher himself and through the researcher’s experience in the field of education and teaching of education Sports in middle schools noticed that there is a problem that lies in the student’s failure to learn and acquire the technical performance of sports skills and for all sports scheduled in the curriculum of the Iraqi Ministry of Education and limiting it to learning skills from the cognitive side only. It does not achieve the desired goals of the physical education lesson, which are educational goals and educational goals Through his research, the researcher intended to identify the role of distance education in achieving the educational goals and educational goals of the physical education lesson, as the researcher assumes that distance education is useless with the physical education lesson because it does not achieve the goals of the lesson and does not achieve the educational goal of the practical technical performance of the skill.