The effect of using my technique (half squat - open legs) in learning the abduction for beginners


  • Asst. Lect. Sarmad Saad Hamid Finjan
  • Asst. Lect. Zina Abdel Karim Abbas
  • Asst. Lect. Muthanna Kazem Jassim



using my technique, half squat, open legs, snatch raise


The researchers noted that most of the trainers adopt one method in performing the snatch, which is the full squat method, while there is the half squat method and the method of opening the legs, which the researchers considered a real problem that he sought to solve by developing an educational curriculum using more than one method to learn the snatch. In order to study the problem in a good way, the researchers used the experimental method on the research sample, which amounted to (12) quarters of beginners representing a group of clubs in the province of Babylon (Al-Qasim Club, Al-Hilla Club, Babylon Club) divided into three groups, and each group trained in a style different from the other group afterwards. The research sample was tested by tribal tests, and then the post tests, and the best achievement was taken for them. Through the use of statistical means, the tribal and posttests of achievement were presented and discussed. The results of the post tests of achievement for the three groups were also analyzed and discussed. Squatting for the snatch lift and in light of the results that the researchers reached to a set of conclusions that all the methods used in the study have an impact on the development of achievement in the snatch lift for the novice quadruplets and in light of that they recommended the adoption of training for the snatch lift in the style of the half squat to develop the achievement for the novice lifters, urging the trainers to diversify in The use of techniques for performance with the snatch (half squat, legs open) for beginner lifters with a rack p weightlifting