Treatment with cold water and its effect on the expended energy and some physiological indicators for the players futsal


  • Asst. Lect. Ali Salam Kazem Al-Awsi Iraq. Al-Qadisiyah University. College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Abdullah Al-Khafaji



cold water treatment, expended energy, physiological indicators, futsal


The study aimed to identify the effect of positive recovery with cold water on nitric oxide concentrations and energy for futsal players. The studied variables were (RQ, HR, Rf, VE, VT, VO2 / Kg, VCO2, vO2HR, VE / VO2, VE / VCO2, MET and VO2MAX). As for the community and the research sample, the researchers identified the research community and they are the first-class futsal players in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate, and they are Al-Sunniyya Club and Al-Ettifaq Club. A different society in terms of the effort exerted. The main experiment was conducted in four phases, where after performing the pulmonary ventilation threshold effort, the first phase is blood draw, then the second phase is recovery with cold water, and then the fifth phase is entering the recovery apparatus without water for a period of (12) weeks. Energy quickly and the amount of energy expended through the speed it provides in delivering food to the muscles because of its role in shrinking blood vessels to get rid of energy waste for the purpose of regulation and return to normal.