The effect of exercises using aids in developing the explosive power of the players' limbs Junior handball


  • Lect. Dr . Fereydoun Mahmoud Amin Iraq. University of Sulaymaniyah. College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences


the effect of exercises, aids, explosive force development, handball


The research aims to develop exercises using auxiliary means to develop the strength and accuracy of shooting among handball players, and to identify the differences between the two-dimensional tests of the two experimental groups. The first group is trained on rubber beads with precision shooting exercises, while the second group is trained on medicine balls with precision shooting exercises. In the light of the results reached by the researcher with the conclusions that the vocabulary of the exercises that were used (medicine balls, rubber ropes) had a positive effect on developing the accuracy and strength of the arms and legs, and that the first experimental group that trained on medical balls outperformed the results of the second group that trained on rubber ropes, and the aids helped the player to increase accuracy by controlling the direction of the ball's trajectory. In the light of the conclusions that the researcher came out with the recommendations, which is to emphasize the development of strength and accuracy in the early stages of sports training, because training in late stages requires a long time and a great effort from the players and coaches. The researchers also recommended the need to introduce exercises (medicine balls, rubber ropes) during the training units and apply them also to other age groups as well as other games.