The effect of continuous aerobic exercise accompanied by music on some skeletal muscles and functional indicators


  • Hozan Jabbar Ali


aerobic exercise, skeletal muscle, and functional indicators


The research aims to develop a training curriculum for continuous aerobic exercises using music that is suitable for the selected sample, and to reveal the differences between the pre and post tests in some physical and physiological variables for both the experimental and control groups, and to detect the differences between the two post tests for the experimental and control groups in some physical and physiological variables. The research community was selected from the healthy male participants in the Nino Fitness Center for Fitness and Fitness, who numbered (23) participants, and after conducting the process of homogeneity and equivalence on the research community for the purpose of selecting the research sample, (20) participants were chosen as a sample for the search by the intentional method, noting that the research sample had not previously participated in previous organized sports activities, and the researcher used the experimental design with two groups (control and experimental) with pre and post tests, after analyzing the results, the researcher used the statistical bag (spss) to obtain The results, when comparing the two programs, it appeared that the aerobic group of the experimental group was superior to the control group in strength training for the muscles of the legs only.