Improving the scientific competence of faculty members in terms of the organizational strength and experience of the deans of the faculties of physical education and sports sciences in Baghdad


  • Muhannad Jamal Abdullah Iraq. Anbar University. College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Yassin Ali Khalaf


improving scientific competence, teaching staff, organizational strength


The current research community was determined by the two researchers with faculty members in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Baghdad, where the research community reached (177) faculty members, where the researchers took the research community by the intentional method and by (100%) of the faculty members continuing in the official working hours and for the academic year (2021-2022). Where the community research sample was approved at a rate of (75%), as the sample reached (133) faculty members. The conclusions were through the sample responses and statistical analysis, it was found by the researchers that there is a variable percentage for the field (expertise strength), where the arithmetic mean was higher than the hypothesis. Through the sample responses and statistical analysis, it was found that there is a strong aspect of experience in terms of affecting the improvement of scientific productivity. There is a high level of productivity among the faculty members through the fact that the arithmetic mean is higher than the hypothetical one