Knowledge management and its role in developing the effectiveness of physical education teachers in the schools of Dhi Qar Governorate


  • Lect. Dr. Abbas Oklah Badi Iraq. Sumer University. Faculty of Basic Education


knowledge management, effectiveness development, physical education teachers


The aim of the research is to identify the degree of knowledge management among teachers of physical education

The descriptive approach was chosen using the survey method. The sample of the study is the same as the study population, which numbered 150 male and female teachers.

The researcher reached important results that appeared through the application of the research tool (questionnaire) on the research sample. As for the objectives of the study, it resulted in the necessity of representing teachers of physical education and sports sciences for the scientific knowledge that qualifies them to perform their tasks. And striving to prepare teaching cadres specialized in sports sciences that adopt knowledge management and export it to students of academic stages in all schools.

The research concluded with the need to improve the performance of teachers through the establishment of courses and the use of sources and literature in their school libraries to see the most important updates and developments in their field of specialization and get them out of the context of the prevailing routine in relying on memory in improving the quality of teaching to develop their intellectual and mental abilities.