The effect of a training curriculum using a mini trampoline device on some functional abilities and body composition of women (25-30) years old


  • Prof. Dr. Amal Saber Ali
  • Benayi Farhad Salih


training curriculum, mini trampoline device, functional capabilities.


The research aims to identify the impact of training in private sports halls using the mini trampoline on functional capabilities and body composition. The researchers assume that there is an effect on functional capabilities and body composition, as any movement in the practiced sports activity leads to an impact on these aspects, especially for women aged (25-30) years. ) and the tools and equipment and the mini trampoline device and the international information network in the research, and the most important results were that the training curriculum using the mini trampoline had a positive effect on the vital capacity and the heart rate was not affected by the trainees (25-30) years, and the effectiveness of exercises in the progress of women in increasing the amount of muscle at the expense of the lack of fat in the post-tests, and the two researchers used the statistical bag in processing and discussing the results.