The effect of scheduling the variable random and random fixed exercises on learning the art of performing the skills of crushing and blocking in volleyball.


  • Qutaiba Suwayd Jassim
  • Assis prof.Dr. Murad Ahmed Yas العراق . جامعة كركوك. كلية التربية البدنية وعلوم الرياضة



random, variable and fixed random exercise, performance art, volleyball


The aim of the research is to identify the effect of scheduling variable random and random fixed exercises in learning the art of skill performance for the skills of smash hit and blocking wall with volleyball. The researchers used the experimental method by designing two equal groups with a pre- and post-test. The research population was determined from second-year students in the College of Physical Education and... Blame sports At the University of Kirkuk for the academic year (2022-2023) for morning study, the number of which is (87) students distributed in two sections (A) with (43) students and section (B) with (44) students. (10) students were randomly selected from each section. The main research sample was (20) students distributed into two groups (10) students for the first experimental group and (10) students for the second experimental group from the overall research community, and (20) students were chosen from the community. They were urged to represent the sample of the exploratory experiment and were excluded from the main sample. In order to control the characteristics of the sample, a process of homogeneity and equivalence was conducted between the two experimental research groups in the skills of crushing and blocking, and then the main experiment was applied, which included educational units, then post-tests were conducted, and then the Data: Appropriate statistical operations for tests were conducted in order to reach the results. The researchers concluded that implementing the variable random exercise and the fixed random exercise had an impact in learning the skills of crushing and blocking the wall for the students of the second stage, and contributed clearly to learning the art of performing skills for the student.