The effect of a training curriculum on developing strength, speed and heart rate for football players under 19 years of age


  • Assis Teacher. Hisham Raad Fakhry Saba Al Khafaji Iraq. The two rivers university. College of Information Engineering
  • Teacher . Rawaq Natiq Muhammad Ali Sharif Iraq . The two rivers university. Faculty of Political Science
  • Wissam Abdul Razzaq Jabara Diyala Education Directorate



strength characterized by speed, heart rate, football, training curriculum


     The importance of the research lies in identifying the training status of the players and studying the physical and physiological aspects for the purpose of developing strength characterized by speed and heart rate (blood pressure, heart rate, physical efficiency) through a proposed training curriculum, as they are among the physiological indicators that reflect the functional state of the circulatory and respiratory systems to maintain the level. Sports for the maximum possible period for football players (youth category) under (19) years of age. The problem of the research was that most young players have a weakness in strength and speed, which has a clear impact on the balance in their performance and physical skills in the correct manner, which is reflected in their functional capabilities, and that the lack of interest in this aspect led the researchers to delve into preparing appropriate exercises to develop the physical ability and functional variables of the players. Young people to help them improve their level of performance in this game. The sample was represented by a number of players from the Diyala Youth and Sports Directorate at the Al-Muqdadiya and Al-Khalis Youth Forum, amounting to (28) football players who were chosen intentionally. They were divided into two experimental and control groups by lottery, each group consisting of (14) players. The study also reached a number of conclusions, including (the training curriculum exercises contributed to developing the physical ability and functional variables of the players. The training curriculum had a positive impact on the level of recovery after the effort, a decrease in the level of the heart rate during the three-minute period immediately after the completion of the effort) and recommendations (adopting the components of the curriculum Training: When training players, coaches must emphasize developing the strength and speed of the players, and pay attention to raising the level of efficiency of the players’ functional systems.