Building a measure of social interaction for kindergarten children aged (4-6) years


  • Hind Adel Ghazi Iraq. Dhi Qar Governorate
  • Assis prof. Dr. Hikmat Abdel Sattar Alwan Iraq. Dhi Qar Governorate



measure of social interaction, kindergarten


The importance of research has emerged by building a measure of social interaction for kindergarten children aged (4-6) years, which will contribute to their future interaction with the environment that surrounds them and also increase the development of their ability to skills and abilities and move them to the special sports skills on which all sports activities and games depend. The research problem was summarized in the presence There was a weakness in the lack of interaction of children while playing with other children due to the isolation of children at the present time in their homes on electronic devices, and also the lack of use of purposeful games in kindergartens that develop their interaction with the environment and other children to fill those gaps and thus cause them not to develop their capabilities for basic skills and motor abilities. It was The most important objectives of the research are to design small games according to the strategy of learning through play and social interaction for children aged 4-6 years, as well as building a measure of social interaction for children aged 4-6 years. As for the third chapter, it deals with the research methodology and its field procedures, as the research sample was deliberately selected from children. Al-Yamamah Kindergarten, numbering (130) male and female children for the academic year (2022-2023), while the fifth chapter dealt with the conclusions and recommendations, the most important of which was the emergence of statistically significant differences between the results of the pre-test and the results of the post-test for the experimental and control groups in all research tests, which indicates that The play-learning strategy used in the research has contributed greatly to the development of social interaction and the development of some motor abilities and some basic skills for kindergarten children aged (4-6) years. The most important recommendations are the use of the social interaction scale for kindergarten children prepared by the researchers for children at the beginning of a new school year with the help of Kindergarten teachers to know the unwanted gaps in children and the positives and negatives that children face in their lives, to identify the level of social interaction of Iraqi children.