The effectiveness of the (S.W.O.M) strategy in students’ acquisition of knowledge and some basic skills of badminton


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Ali Kamel *



The research aimed to reveal the effectiveness of the (S.W.O.M) strategy in acquiring knowledge and some basic skills in badminton. The research sample consisted of fourth-year students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Saladin University - Erbil, who numbered (30) students and were distributed into two groups. Experimental and controlled, with (15) students for each group, and equivalence was conducted in some variables affecting learning the skills (low serve - high serve - forehand shot). An educational program was built according to the (S.W.O.M) strategy, with (8) educational units, which were applied to the experimental group, while the control group was taught according to the traditional strategy. After completing the experiment, post-tests were conducted in cognitive achievement and (low-transmission) tests. High transmission - front dimensions stroke) and after collecting and transcribing the data, it was processed statistically using the statistical package (spss). The most important conclusions were reached: The use of the (S.W.O.M) strategy in teaching contributed to the acquisition of knowledge and skill better than the traditional strategy. The study also demonstrated its support for the results of studies that used teaching strategies that enhance the role of the student by being the focus of the educational process. The researcher recommended emphasizing the use of the (S.W.O.M) strategy in acquiring basic knowledge and skills for the effectiveness of badminton, and benefiting from the steps of the (S.W.O.M) strategy in enhancing the student’s role in the educational process and developing their skills in thinking, solving problems, and making decisions.