The effect of an educational curriculum using assistive tools to learning some scouting skills for first-stage students


  • Asst. Lec. Ammar Jabbar Cata
  • Asst. Lec. Muhammad Abbas Hussein
  • Asst. Lec. Mustafa Muhammad Jassim



Educational Curriculum, Scouting Skills, Students


The research problem lies in learning some scouting skills for first-year students. The study aimed to prepare a curriculum to teach some scouting skills to students, learn some scouting skills to students of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and determine the preferential effect of the educational curriculum in learning some scouting skills Students, and the method followed by students is between the pre and post tests. The researchers used the experimental method by designing random equal groups with a pre- and post-test because it suits the nature and problem of the research and its requirements and as the appropriate means to confirm its hypotheses and reach results. The study was conducted on some of the students of the first stage of the academic year (2023-2024) from the two sections (C and E), who numbered ( 60) students. It was divided randomly by lottery into two groups, control and experimental, with (16) students in each group. The experimental group implemented the components of the educational curriculum prepared by the researchers, and the control group implemented the curriculum followed in the college. Post-tests were conducted after completing the implementation of all educational units, and the results were processed statistically. The validity of the hypotheses was verified through statistical tables of the raw data of the test results for the two groups. Control and experimental.