The effect of a time-calculated circular style training curriculum on developing some physical attributes soccer for juniors


  • Hendrine Ali Ahmed College of Physical Education and Sports Science, Iraq. Salahaddin University. Erbil.
  • Prof. Sarhank Abdul Khaliq Abdullah


training curriculum, circular style, football


The game of football attracts attention from all circles, especially the masses and the government. Which made it one of the first games with large audiences and for this reason it is considered one of the first and undisputed sports. That is why this game has become the focus of attention by researchers from all over the world, thus prompting the trainers and specialized experts to think about developing this game by finding the best ways and best methods in order to hone talents and advance the levels of players in all aspects of physical, skill, functional and psychological - etc., and consequently The development of these levels leads to achieving good results in front of the teams, improving teamwork and relying on scientific technical methods in the numbers of players and to build a good base in this game that is strong and peaceful from a sporting point of view. It is the player) and it must be one of the buds, juniors and youth who are the cornerstone through the stages of practicing this sports game, where a star can be produced in football, but if sound requirements are provided from modern training programs and solid educational foundations, the modern scientific training programs have The great role in the formation of players from young age groups because it is the means by which players can acquire physical abilities and skills Hariya and the different playing style plans that require strength, speed, stamina and agility of the player during the skill performance, which contribute to raising the levels to good and high degrees in some cases, and this is only done if we follow the numbers of legal and peaceful scientific training plans and methods.